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The East-West dichotomy /Chapter 14 print that page

Let us imagine two people, Mr. East and Mr. West, who quite differ in their attitudes, behaviors and ways of perception. Why, let us openly employ terms from differential psychology to describe them. Mr. West is more rational driven, while Mr. East is more intuitive. Although both could have | 2012/4/18 5:12:04

The East-West dichotomy /Chapter 24 print that page

1500-1914, Macmillan, London APworldstream (2002/04), Associated Press, Swedish Hindus protest Ikea advertisement featuring toilet seat Buddha, aTimes (2008/05), The young ones, Asian Times Online, aTimes (2008/05), The monster and the sausage, [Spengler | 2012/4/18 5:10:44