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The Road to Reconciliation V - Promoting Contact - 18 January 2010 print that page

Continued from Saturday There has been so much interest about resettlement and rebuilding in the North that the East has been comparatively neglected. I had not been there for six months myself, which was sad for that was an area I had been in constantly from the eighties onward. Way back

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Properties of circles in mutual contact print that page

Before enterlng upon the properties of four circles in mutual contact , it will be necessary to premise the following proposition; it is but a simple theorem in itself, and has place here only on account of its use in demonstrating the subsequent properties. Prop. A. The continued product

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 17/June 1880/Hysteria and Demonism II print that page

sensibility in the skin have been distinguished. Thus by the tactual sensibility we perceive the contact of objects; but this is not all there is of the sense of touch, for at the same time with the contact we are able to feel the temperature and consistency of foreign 156 THE POPULAR SCIENCE

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 15/June 1879/A Problem in Human Evolution print that page

are, therefore, led to inquire whether all parts of the mammalian body which come into frequent contact with other objects are specially liable to lose their hair. The answer seems to be an easy one. The soles of the feet in all mammals are quite hairless where they touch the ground. The

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Faraday, Michael (DNB00) print that page

Michael Faraday was horn at Newington Butts, 22 Sept. 1791. He died at Hampton Court — not in tha palace, but in a small house on the Green placed at his disposal by her majesty — 25 Aug. 1867. This act of royal kindness obviously delighted him, and indeed nothing could have been more delicate

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Survivals and New Arrivals: The Old and New Enemies of the Catholic Church/Chapter IV print that page

While the Faith is engaged in its main modern battle with the positive forces of Nationalism and Anti-Clericalism, the negative force of intellectual decline, those who are to be our next antagonists, after these are spent, wait in reserve: they will conduct the attack in the near future.

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The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda/Volume 8/Lectures And Discourses/Women Of India print that page

and my occupation as a preacher, continuously travelling from one place to another and coming in contact with all grades of society --(and women, even in northern India, where they do not appear before men, in many places would break this law for religion and would come to hear us preach and

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Up From Slavery/Chapter XV print that page

As to how my address at Atlanta was received by the audience in the Exposition building, I think I prefer to let Mr. James Creelman, the noted war correspondent, tell. Mr. Creelman was present, and telegraphed the following account to the New York World:-- Atlanta, September 18. While

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9/11 Commission Report/Chapter 6 print that page

6 FROM THREAT TO THREAT 174 In chapters 3 and 4 we described how the U.S. government adjusted its existing agencies and capacities to address the emerging threat from Usama Bin Ladin and his associates. After the August 1998 bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, President

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Searchlights on Health/Politeness print that page

agreeable behavior towards others. Most men are like so many gems in the rough, which need polishing by contact with other and better natures, to bring out their full beauty and lustre. Some have but one side polished, sufficient only to show the delicate graining of the interior; but to bring

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