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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 15/June 1879/A Problem in Human Evolution print that page

are, therefore, led to inquire whether all parts of the mammalian body which come into frequent contact with other objects are specially liable to lose their hair. The answer seems to be an easy one. The soles of the feet in all mammals are quite hairless where they touch the ground. The

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 14/March 1879/Science and Socialism print that page

Labor Question" ("Ueber die Arbeiterfrage"). It is not, therefore, with this well-known point of contact with Darwinism that we have to do, but with the special application of ostensibly Darwinian results to the justification and the execution of the Socialist-Democratic programme. Although

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 31/September 1887/Some Human Instincts II print that page

II. I N a previous article I passed in review a certain number of those instincts which may be considered fundamental in man. In the pages which follow I propose to complete the list. The reader will perhaps remember my main thesis, which is that man, so far from having an unusually small

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The Golden Bough/Between Heaven and Earth print that page

jar is charged with electricity; and exactly as the electricity in the jar can be discharged by contact with a good conductor, so the holiness or magical virtue in the man can be discharged and drained away by contact with the earth, which on this theory serves as an excellent conductor for

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Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Chinooks print that page

traverse, from the main entrance of the fort to the governor's door, several hundred feet, with beaver and otter skins" (Chittenden and Richardson, Life, Letters, and Travels of Father Pierre Jean De Smet, New York, 1905, II, 443). The staple food of the Chinooks was salmon, with a few roots

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Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Beaver print that page

Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921) Beaver From Wikisource Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921) Jump to: navigation , search ← Beaux-Arts Institute of Design Collier's New Encyclopedia Beaver Beaver Dam (Wisconsin) → Edition of 1921.  See also Beaver on Wikipedia

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Revolution and Other Essays/The Other Animals print that page

were guilty of drilling clear through a mud wall, which they mistook for a solid clay bank; of the beaver that cut down a tree four times because it was held at the top by the branches of other trees; of the cow that licked the skin of her stuffed calf so affectionately that it came apart

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Journal of Discourses/Volume 17/Education of Children, etc. print that page

valleys—the "Deseret News," the "Salt Lake Herald," "Ogden Junction," "Provo Times," and the Beaver " and "St. George Enterprise," all of which contain a good deal of information about our home affairs specially, and of events in the world generally. I hope that, in all the Stakes of Zion

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Middlemarch/Chapter 80 print that page

box. I fear the kitten has rolled it away," said the tiny old lady, involuntarily coutinuing her beaver -like notes. "Is it a great treasure, aunt?" said Mr. Farebrother, putting up his glasses and looking at the carpet. "Mr. Ladislaw gave it me," said Miss Noble. "A German box-very pretty

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Cock Up Your Beaver print that page

wanted the crown; But now he has gotten a hat and a feather, Hey, brave Johnie lad, cock up your beaver ! Cock up your beaver , and cock it fu' sprush, We'll over the border, and gie them a brush; There's somebody there we'll teach better behaviour, Hey, brave Johnie lad, cock up your

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