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The Conquest of Bread/Chapter II print that page

We know, indeed, that the producers, although they constitute hardly one-third of the inhabitants of civilized countries, even now produce such quantities of goods that a certain degree of comfort could be brought to every hearth. We know further that if all those who squander to-day the fruits | 2012/4/14 15:15:55

Results and Prospects/The Prerequisites of Socialism print that page

Marxism converted socialism into a science, but this does not prevent some ‘Marxists’ from converting Marxism into a Utopia. Rozhkov, arguing against the programme of socialization and co-operation, presents the ‘necessary pre-requisites of the future society, firmly laid down by Marx | 2011/2/25 23:30:24

The Civil War in France/Intro Postscript print that page

I did not anticipate that I would be asked to prepare a new edition of the Address of the General Council of the International on The Civil War in France, and to write an introduction to it. Therefore I can only touch briefly here on the most important points. I am prefacing the longer work | 2012/4/17 8:23:26

The State and Revolution/Chapter IV print that page

supply dwellings rent-free depends on the complete "withering away" of the state. Speaking of the Blanquists ' adoption of the fundamental position of Marxism after the Commune and under the influence of its experience, Engels, in passing, formulates this position as follows: "... Necessity | 2012/4/16 12:35:05