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outside, it's like there's no one there. Johnston : All right, um... what about analog? We could contact the governor with a Ham radio, couldn't we? Deputy : That could work, but there's only one in town that I know of. Johnston : I was afraid you were going to say that. [Johnston knocks

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This page is a collection of quotations from the era of the fourth official incarnation of The Doctor from the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who , during which the role of the Fourth Doctor was played by Tom Baker . It's the end ... but the moment has been prepared for

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out to be Fedayeen, paramilitary forces loyal to Saddam. ] Sgt Brad "Iceman" Colbert : Our first contact with armed Iraqi's and we wave at 'em... like bitches. Cpl Josh Ray Person : Know what happens when you get out of the Marine Corps? You get your brains back. SgtMaj John Sixta : Yo

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die before we get there. Dialogue [ edit ] [In a flashback sequence: after ambushing a French column , Viet Minh troops stand over the wounded survivors.] Viet Minh soldier : [in subtitles] Do we take prisoners? Lt. Nguyen Huu An : [in subtitles] No. Kill all they send, and they will

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tears rolling down their faces right now? Tony : We are not even going to acknowledge that three count . Bobby : Now, what happens to us? What happens now to WCW? Tony : There was no three count . I'd never thought I would say he's yellow, but he may be wearing red and yellow! Bobby : What

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Captain Apollo: I said no base ships! Just fighters, maybe a thousand. Commander Adama: How do you count for that, Apollo? Captain Apollo: I don't know. They...! We picked up an empty tanker on our scanner. It's my guess the Cylons used it to refuel for the attack after flying to that

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Hell. There are seven working defenses from this position. Three of them disarm with minimal contact . Three of them kill. The other-- [KRAKK] --hurts. A fine death. But there are thousands to think of... And Harvey... I have to know. I see a reflection, Harvey. A reflection. It

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