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Motivation and emotion/Book/2015/Extrinsic motivation and antisocial behaviour in children print that page


Childhood antisocial behaviour is of growing concern within broader society. Current research surrounding the aetiology and treatment of such behaviour varies depending on the perceived severity. An example being the increased research surrounding motivations behind the frightening proportion

Geometric morphometrics print that page

statistical analysis of shapes. Boca Raton, Florida: Chapman & Hall/CRC. Richtsmeier, J.T., Burke Deleon , V., Lele, S.R., 2002. “The promise of Geometric Morphometrics”. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology 45, 63-91. Zelditch, M.L., Swiderski, D.L., Sheets, H.D., and Fink, W.L., 2004. | 2016/1/17 15:19:11