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Abraham Lincoln: An Essay print that page


O American can study the character and career of Abraham Lincoln without being carried away by sentimental emotions. We are always inclined to idealize that which we love, — a state of mind very unfavorable to the exercise of sober critical judgment. It is therefore not surprising that most

The Reminiscences of Carl Schurz/Volume Two/3 Beginnings in Politics print that page

My German neighbors in Watertown, Wisconsin, were almost all Democrats. As a rule, the foreign immigrants had drifted into the Democratic party, which presented itself to them as the protector of the political rights of the foreign-born population, while the Whigs were suspected of "nativistic

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 36/February 1890/Agriculture and the Single Tax print that page

I. I N the second half of the eighteenth century there arose a school of thinkers in France to whom, at a later period, J. B. Say gave the name of physiocrats. The founder of the school was François Quesnay. Turgot was one of his disciples, and was the most distinguished member of the group

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Kansas: A Cyclopedia of State History/Allen County print that page

census of Kansas was taken in April, 1857, in preparation for an apportionment of delegates to the Lecompton constitutional convention. By this census Bourbon, Dorn, McGee and Allen countries had a population of 2,622, of whom 645 were legal voters. This gave the district which these counties

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The Life of Abraham Lincoln (Holland)/Chapter IV print that page

The old chief proved treacherous again, and showed in the spring of 1832 that his treaty was simply an expedient for gaining time, and raising a larger force. He gathered his warriors in large numbers, and crossed the river with the intention, as he openly declared, of ascending the Rock River

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The Lincoln–Douglas debates of 1858 print that page

FORMER GUESTS OF HONOR. The Right Honorable James Bryce, The British Ambassador. The Honorable J. J. Jusserand, The French Ambassador. The Honorable Jonathan P. Dolliver of Iowa. The Honorable William Jennings Bryan of Nebraska. The Honorable Robert T. Lincoln of Illinois. The Honorable

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Speeches of Carl Schurz/01 The Irrepressible Conflict print that page

The remarks I am going to offer will not be of the exciting and enthusiastic kind. I will speak to your understanding, and call your attention to some of the simple broad principles which rule the development of human affairs. The destinies of nations and countries are, indeed, not governed

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Speeches of Carl Schurz/11 Treason of Slavery print that page

To ascribe great effects to small, far-fetched, and merely incidental causes, is a manner of explaining historical events which weak minds pass off, and weaker minds take, as an evidence of superior sagacity. Even in those cases where individuals are powerful enough to produce great commotions

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The Life of Abraham Lincoln (Arnold)/Chapter X print that page

The great intellectual conflict was over. Lincoln, weary but not exhausted, returned to his home at Springfield, and when the returns came in, it appeared that he had won the victory for his cause, his party, and his country. The republican state ticket was elected; he had carried a majority

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The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Buchanan, James print that page

agitations and the mode in which the difficulties in Kansas were to be settled. He approved the Lecompton constitution, and on Feb. 2, 1858, addressed a special message to congress, asserting the power of the people of Kansas to “change their constitution within a brief period” after being

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