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As many epitaphs are not written by the person who is being honoured, the format shall be as follows: Honouree (author) - Year of birth - Year of Death Text of Epitaph Citation to a published source More explanation text Sorted alphabetically by lastname. A B C D E F G H I J K

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sent me pictures of the angel that stands by me and directs me what to do. Cited in: Joyce Elaine Noll (1991), Company of Prophets: African American Psychics, Healers & Visionaries. p. 80 I have no imagination. I never plan a drawing, they just happen. Cited in: Paul Arnett, ‎William Arnett

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John Taylor , Works , vol. ii. p. 85 (1630). Here lies Nolly Goldsmith, for shortness called Noll , Who wrote like an angel, and talk’d like poor Poll. Impromptu Epitaph on Goldsmith . About [ edit ] His profession made him rich and he made his profession respectable. Samuel Johnson