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Sprint Nextel customer service rep. harasses client; Sprint cancels his account print that page

Jessica then began to call him outside of her job duties at the call center after their first contact . Brady called the center around 6:00 p.m. (eastern time) on a Saturday and attempted to receive help on a billing question and to find a way to stop prank calls. Brady requested a "soc code | 2015/7/10 16:28:36

Aerosmith sued over late cancellation of gig in Maui, Hawaii print that page


50th anniversary of the Japanese automobile manufacturer at the University of Hawaii , with Toyota paying $500,000 (€349,944) to hire the campus. Aerosmith received $1 million (€700,000) to perform at the event. Faria alleges that Aerosmith abandoned the scheduled public concert on Maui

Matured Dating - There Is No Age Restrict On Finding Adore print that page

websites are actually open 24 hrs. That indicates you will never run out of time on a schedule to make contact with someone. For those that may be a small up in age, such convenience is a assist. If you arrive a few of minutes early you can usually have a read of a magazine or paper to | 2015/10/12 8:55:53

How to Avoid Scams on Craigslist print that page

money to someone, you can’t report it to Craigslist if you don’t receive the item that you were paying for. Any reference to Craigslist that says “buyer protection” or “certified seller” is bogus. Insist on cash. Fake checks and money orders are common, and banks will hold you | 2013/1/28 2:11:23

Four British energy suppliers face investigation into claims of misselling print that page


Ofgem has published a guide advising consumers what they should do should an energy salesperson contact them in person of by telephone. Improper sales tactics are still common in the industry—in 2008 an Ofgem investigation found that 48% of gas customers and 42% of electricity customers

Interview with Usenet search sites targeted by the MPAA print that page

happily worked with them to gain a resolve," he said. Descds also said that despite attempts to contact the MPAA he has received no response. When asked by Wikinews how they felt about discovering the MPAA's lawsuits both administrators said they would have appreciated being notified before | 2015/7/10 3:32:36

Lakota activists declare secession from US print that page

far, the U.S. has not issued a public response regarding their decision. Wikinews attempted to contact the State Department, but in an e-mail Director of the Office of Media Affairs Kirsten Petree stated that "this is not an issue for the State Department" and referred us to the Department | 2015/7/10 5:19:50

Taiwan’s Blue Camp pays respects on the thirtieth anniversary of the passing of Chiang Kai-shek print that page

question of when KMT Chair Lien Chan would visit the Chinese mainland was also a hot topic. After paying his respects Lien expressed that he was honored by the invitation to visit the mainland, but a time frame for the visit is still awaiting further confirmation: "I would be pleased to accept | 2015/7/10 17:31:56

YouTube accounts of Scientology critics suspended print that page


Two well-known critics of Scientology have had their user accounts on the video sharing website YouTube suspended. The YouTube accounts of both Tory Christman and Mark Bunker were suspended this week. In a statement to Wikinews , YouTube explained why accounts are suspended, but did not

Online buyers conned by fake Olympics ticket web sites print that page

has 'let them down'. They promise a refund, which never happens, and the credit companies end up paying all the refunds." Shepherd owns a home in the London suburb of Blackheath, although authorities believe he is currently hiding in Barbados . On Monday, customers received | 2015/7/10 11:04:10