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Mitchell v. Tilghman/Opinion of the Court print that page

unmixed in a boiler, and therefore agitators or circulators, for preserving a mixture or intimate contact between the fat and lime and water during the process of alkaline saponification, under pressure, were also in use. [1] The specification, in the patent, ran thus: 'Be it known that

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Atlantio Works v. Brady Brady/Opinion of the Court print that page

driven by one set of boilers, F, placed amid-ships. In order that the 'mud-fan' may be brought in contact with the bottom, I construct the boat with a series of water-tight compartments, E, placed in the bow and stern, and on each side of the center, amid-ships, into which the water may be

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Letter from Sereno E. Payne, Chairman of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries print that page


Dict. by S. E. P. to B. Hon. George W. Ray,   Chairman Com. on Invalid Pensions,   City. Dear Sir:- I hand you herewith papers in the claim of Harriet Tubman Davis, a Bill for the relief of a woman whom is before your Committee. Mrs. Davis is now receiving a pension at $8. per month

Walling v. Helmerich & Payne/Opinion of the Court print that page

United States Supreme Court 323   U.S.   37 WALLING  v.  HELMERICH & PAYNE  Argued: Oct. 17, 1944. --- Decided: Nov 6, 1944 We are concerned here with the question whether certain provisions of employment contracts relating to the computation and application of regular and overtime

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Payne, Ralph (DNB00) print that page

Plympton in Devonshire from 1780 to 1784. From June 1777 until the suppression of the office in 1782 Payne was a clerk of the board of green cloth. He was one of Fox's political allies, and for many years his house in Grafton Street was known, through his love of hospitality and the personal

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Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Bl. John Payne print that page

Born in the Diocese of Peterborough; died at Chelmsford, 2 April, 1582. He went to Douai in 1574, was ordained priest by the Archbishop of Cambrai on 7 April, 1576, and left for England with Blessed Cuthbert Mayne on 24 April. He resided for the most part with Anne, widow of Sir William Petre

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Burdon Central Sugar Refining Company v. Payne print that page

propounded the following questions: 'First. It being shown that the cane sold by appellees, J. U. Payne & Co. et al., to the Ferris Sugar-Manufacturing Company, Limited, pursuant to the contract between the parties, was grown on lands not embraced within the limits of the premises leased to

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Concordia Insurance Company of Milwaukee v. School District No. 98 of Payne County of Oklahoma/Opinion of the Court print that page

Certiorari from this court ( 282 U.S. 817 , 51 S.C.t. 34, 75 L. Ed. -) was asked upon two grounds: (1) That the court below had construed a statute of Oklahoma, relating to the allowance of interest, contrary to the construction but upon it by the state Supreme Court; and (2) that there was

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Payne, George (1803-1878) (DNB00) print that page

his character most unfairly aspersed by Sir John Campbell (afterwards the first Baron Campbell). Payne had serious thoughts of publicly horsewhipping Campbell, but the latter, through the medium of Colonel Anson, made an apology ( Times , 11 Feb. 1837, pp. 2–4, 13 Feb. pp. 2–4). Payne

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Payne, Peter (1763-1843) (DNB00) print that page

Sir Gillies Payne ( d . 1801) was high sheriff of Bedfordshire in 1771. He formed in his youth a connection with Maria Keeling, daughter of a farmer at Potton, Bedfordshire, but delayed marriage with her until the death of his mother in 1761. Peter was the first child born subsequently. Nevertheless

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