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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 17/June 1880/Hysteria and Demonism II print that page

sensibility in the skin have been distinguished. Thus by the tactual sensibility we perceive the contact of objects; but this is not all there is of the sense of touch, for at the same time with the contact we are able to feel the temperature and consistency of foreign 156 THE POPULAR SCIENCE

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An introduction to linear drawing/Chapter 3 print that page

cut any of it off. If a right line be drawn from the centre of the circle or arc to the point of contact (that is, the point where the tangent touches the circle) the two right lines, (that is, the radius and the tangent) will be perpendicular to each other, (fig.9.) The monitor may test

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The Influence of Sea Power upon History/Introductory print that page

the analogy is real, not forced. So also both the sailing-ship and the steamer contemplate direct contact with an enemy's vessel,--the form

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 29/July 1886/Rustless Iron print that page

by the rustless process is being used with very satisfactory results. It is needless to multi- ply examples of its usefulness, for numberless ones will occur to the reader. Up to the present time only four furnaces have been built in this country two in Brooklyn, one at Little Ferry, New Jersey

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 8/December 1875/Miscellany print that page

MISCELLANY. United States Board for testing Iron and Steel. — We have already (in the July number of the Monthly ) called attention to the researches proposed to be made by the United States Board for testing Iron and Steel, and recur to the subject in order to stimulate those of our readers

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Timaeus print that page

the caste of priests, which is separated from all the others; next, there are the artificers, who ply their several crafts by themselves and do not intermix; and also there is the class of shepherds and of hunters, as well as that of husbandmen; and you will observe, too, that the warriors

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Ply the oars! away! away! print that page

Ply the oars! away! away! In each dew-drop of the morning Lies the promise of a day. Rivers from the sunrise flow, Springing with the dewy morn; Voyageurs 'gainst time do row, Idle noon nor sunset know, Ever even with the dawn. Since that first "Away! away!"     Many a lengthy

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North and South/Chapter XXXVII print that page

Higgins's door was locked the next day, when they went to pay their call on the widow Boucher: but they learnt this time from an officious neighbour, that he was really from home. He had, however, been in to see Mrs. Boucher, before starting on his day's business, whatever that was. It was

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The German Element in the War of American Independence/4 General John Kalb print that page

Verga gentil di picciola gramigna. The noble scion of ignoble seed. Dante , Purgatorio , xiv. On the 29th of June, 1721, John Kalb, the child of Hans Kalb and Margaret, his wife, peasants, was born in the German town of Hüttendorf. On the 19th of August, 1780, Major-General Baron

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 18/January 1881/Artificial Hypnotism print that page

One of the essential symptoms of the hypnotic sleep is the more or less complete loss of consciousness. It is only in a complete state of hypnotism that persons subjected to the experiment preserve a remembrance of what has passed during their sleep. In some cases the memory is only suspended

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