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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 17/June 1880/Hysteria and Demonism II print that page

sensibility in the skin have been distinguished. Thus by the tactual sensibility we perceive the contact of objects; but this is not all there is of the sense of touch, for at the same time with the contact we are able to feel the temperature and consistency of foreign 156 THE POPULAR SCIENCE

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Faraday, Michael (DNB00) print that page

June 1814. Faraday saw M. Volta, who came to Sir H. Davy, a hale, elderly man, bearing the red ribbon , and very free in conversation.' In July he was at Geneva, from which city he writes very fully to his mother and his friends. Some very charming passages occur in his letters to Abbott. Speaking

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Yellow Ribbon print that page

When I die I don't want crying or candle I want a yellow ribbon With her name on it If there exists a soul If there is another incarnation I'd like it if the mulatto woman Tap-danced on my coffin I don't want flowers Nor crown of thorns I just want choro with flute Guitar and

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Jungersen v. Ostby & Barton Company/Dissent Frankfurter print that page

say, he based his invention solely upon forcing the wax and the metal into completely intimate contact with every crevice of the mould, and for this he disclosed a centrifuge as the means. Moreover, it had already been known by other moulders of fine patterns that the metal might not fill

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What Maisie Knew/Chapter XXX print that page

behind little bare tables, and by an old personage in particular, a very old personage with a red ribbon in his buttonhole, whose manner of soaking buttered rolls in coffee and then disposing of them in the little that was left of the interval between his nose and chin might at a less anxious

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Report to the Deputy Attorney General on the Events at Waco, Texas/The Events of April 19, 1993 print that page

early Sunday evening (5:32 p.m.) and told him that the FBI was going to send milk and a typewriter ribbon into the compound, as the Davidians had previously requested. [Material redacted as required by statute]. The command post advised that at 5:00 a.m. Central Time SAC's Jamar, Schwein

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The cold equations print that page

hyperspace drive, and as men scattered wide across the frontier, there had come the problem of contact with the isolated first colonies and exploration parties. The huge hyperspace cruisers were the product of the combined genius and effort of Earth and were long and expensive in the building

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North and South/Chapter VII print that page

papering one or two of the rooms--the drawing-room and your bed-room--for mamma will come most in contact with them; and your book-shelves will hide a great deal of that gaudy pattern in the dining-room.' 'Then you think it the best? If so, I had better go at once and call on this Mr. Donkin

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 9/May 1876/Recent Advances in Telegraphy print that page


are altogether different. The message is, first of all, prepared by punching holes in a narrow ribbon of paper. These perforations are so grouped as to represent the dots and dashes of the telegraphic alphabet, and by the punching-machine, which is very complicated, all that are required to