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Journey to Centauri print that page

Contents (c)1998 Firaxis Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Journey to Centauri : Episode 1 "Captain." Shapes. Shadows, hovering over him. A sense of threat, darkness eclipsing his vision, and the distant sound of warning klaxons. He tried to lift his hands and could not, tried to speak and

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Survivals and New Arrivals: The Old and New Enemies of the Catholic Church/Chapter IV print that page

While the Faith is engaged in its main modern battle with the positive forces of Nationalism and Anti-Clericalism, the negative force of intellectual decline, those who are to be our next antagonists, after these are spent, wait in reserve: they will conduct the attack in the near future.

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1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Base-Ball print that page

side. In the act of pitching, which is throwing either over or underhand, he must keep one foot in contact with a white plate, called the pitcher's plate, 24 in. long and 6 in. wide, placed 60.5 ft. from the back of the home-base. Before 1875 the pitcher was obliged to deliver the ball with

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The Romance of Lust/Volume 4 print that page

Jane--Ann--Mrs. Nichols--The Benson, the Egerton, and the Count--Ann, the Nichols, and MacCallum--Aunt, Uncle, Harry, the Frankland and the De Grandvits--Carl--The Count--The Frankland I concluded my last volume by saying that I had taken lodgings in Norfolk Street, Strand, for the convenience

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Equitation/Chapter 17 print that page

give the impulse to the entire machinery. This impulse of the legs is received by the bit, making contact with the bars, so that there is a continual fluctuation of the equilibrium as the center of gravity shifts backward and forward at each step. To make this matter clear, suppose a horse

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A Hazard of New Fortunes/Part Fourth/Chapter VII print that page

March met Fulkerson on the steps of the office next morning, when he arrived rather later than his wont. Fulkerson did not show any of the signs of suffering from the last night's pleasure which painted themselves in March's face. He flirted his hand gayly in the air, and said, "How's your

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The Age of Innocence/Chapter XVII print that page

The young man, who was dining alone with his mother and sister, glanced up in surprise and saw Mrs. Archer's gaze demurely bent on her plate. Mrs. Archer did not regard her seclusion from the world as a reason for being forgotten by it; and Newland guessed that she was slightly annoyed that

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Our Mutual Friend/Book 2/Chapter 2 print that page

The person of the house, doll's dressmaker and manufacturer of ornamental pincushions and pen-wipers, sat in her quaint little low arm-chair, singing in the dark, until Lizzie came back. The person of the house had attained that dignity while yet of very tender years indeed, through being the

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Tarzan the Untamed/Chapter XXI print that page

As Smith-Oldwick realized that he was alone and practically defenseless in an enclosure filled with great lions he was, in his weakened condition, almost in a state verging upon hysterical terror. Clinging to the grating for support he dared not turn his head in the direction of the beasts

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The Cricket on the Hearth/Chapter 1 print that page

THE kettle began it! Don’t tell me what Mrs. Peerybingle said. I know better. Mrs. Peerybingle may leave it on record to the end of time that she couldn’t say which of them began it; but, I say the kettle did. I ought to know, I hope! The kettle began it, full five minutes by the little

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