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Summa Theologiae/First Part/Question 69 print that page

We next consider the work of the third day. Under this head there are two points of inquiry: (1) About the gathering together of the waters; (2) About the production of plants. [ edit ] Art. 1 - Whether it was fitting that the gathering together of the waters should take place, as recorded

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Epistle of the World Gathering of Young Friends 2005 print that page

To all Friends everywhere, Greetings from the World Gathering of Young Friends 2005. 226 Friends gathered together in Lancaster University, United Kingdom, from 16th - 24th August 2005. Our theme was 'I am the vine, you are the branches. Now, what fruit shall we bear?' taken from John 15

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Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living print that page

As we have moved down the ages, now and then, from the religious teacher, the statesman, the inventor, the social worker, or from the doctor, surgeon, or sexologist, there has been a " vox clamantis in deserto ." Usually these voices have fallen on unheeding ears; but again and again some

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Journal of Discourses/Volume 4/Union of the Saints, etc. print that page

must understand that we have got to act upon certain principles by which we can bind ourselves together as a people, to bind our feelings together that we may become one, and this never can be accomplished unless certain things are done, and things that require an exertion on our part. How

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On the Surgery print that page

himself when sitting, his feet should be raised to a direct line with his knees, and nearly in contact with one another; the knees a little higher than the groins, and at some distance from one another, for the elbows to rest upon them. The robe, in a neat and orderly manner, is to be thrown

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Properties of circles in mutual contact print that page

Before enterlng upon the properties of four circles in mutual contact , it will be necessary to premise the following proposition; it is but a simple theorem in itself, and has place here only on account of its use in demonstrating the subsequent properties. Prop. A. The continued product

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The Road to Reconciliation V - Promoting Contact - 18 January 2010 print that page

three noted that they would be in favour of English medium, because that would bring the students together even more effectively. But, while that would be difficult, except in perhaps one or two subjects, bringing the students together in the same school, even if in different streams, would

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The Chemical History of a Candle/Hydrogen in the Candle—Burns into Water—The Other Part of Water—Oxygen print that page

understand the character and use of this instrument, let us make an experiment or two. Let us put together , first of all, some substances, knowing what they are, and then see what that instrument does to them. There is some copper (observe the various changes which it can undergo), and here

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The Forces of Matter/The Correlation of the Physical Forces print that page

force of electricity acting in other ways than in attracting; you have also seen it combine matters together or disunite them by means of its action on the chemical force; and in this case, therefore, you have an instance in which these two powers are related. But we have other and deeper

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Journal of Discourses/Volume 10/Design of the Lord in Gathering Together his People, etc. print that page

thee, and that thou mayest prolong thy days." Again, "Thou shalt not plough with an ox and an ass together ." Again, "Thou shall make thee fringes upon the four quarters of thy vesture, wherewith thou coverest thyself," &c., &c. Seeing many such instances as these in the Bible, we cannot marvel

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