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Nicolas Sarkozy print that pageTimeline of Nicolas Sarkozy


Before his presidency, he was leader of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP). Under Jacques Chirac 's presidency he served as Minister of the Interior in Jean-Pierre Raffarin 's (UMP) first two governments (from May 2002 to March 2004), then was appointed Minister of Finances in Raffarin

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The Union for a Popular Movement , also known as Union for a People's Movement ( French : Union pour un Mouvement Populaire , UMP) is a centre-right political party in France . Founded in 2002 by Jacques Chirac as a merger of several centre-right parties supporting him, it currently enjoys

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The London Agreement , formally the Agreement on the application of Article 65 of the Convention on the Grant of European Patents and sometimes referred to as the London Protocol , is a patent law agreement concluded in London on 17 October 2000 and aimed at reducing the translation costs

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The Algerian War , ( Arabic : ثورة جزائرية ‎ Thawra Jazā’irīya , "Algerian Revolution"; French : Guerre d'Algérie ), was a conflict between France and Algerian independence movements from 1954 to 1962, which led to Algeria's gaining its independence from France. An important

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The government of the French Republic is a semi-presidential system determined by the French Constitution of the fifth Republic . The nation declares itself to be an "indivisible, secular , democratic , and social Republic ". [ 1 ] The constitution provides for a separation of powers

François Fillon print that pageTimeline of François Fillon


On 14 November 2010, French President Nicolas Sarkozy reappointed Fillon as prime minister. [ 4 ] As a member of the UMP party, Fillon became Jean-Pierre Raffarin 's Minister of Labour in 2002 and undertook controversial reforms of the 35-hour working week law and of the French retirement

Ségolène Royal print that pageTimeline of Ségolène Royal


Ségolène Royal was born in the military base of Ouakam, Dakar , French West Africa (now Senegal ) on 22 September 1953, the daughter of Hélène Dehaye and Jacques Royal, a former artillery officer and aide to the mayor of Chamagne ( Vosges ). Her parents had eight children in nine years

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The President of the French Republic ( French : Président de la République française ) colloquially referred to in English as the President of France , is France's elected Head of State . Four of France's five republics have had presidents as their heads of state , making the French presidency

Dominique de Villepin print that pageTimeline of Dominique de Villepin


A career diplomat, Villepin rose through the ranks of the French right as one of Jacques Chirac 's protégés. He came into the international spotlight as Foreign Minister with his opposition to the 2003 invasion of Iraq which culminated with a speech to the United Nations ( French address