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Following shakedown, she operated off the east coast escorting convoys and aircraft carriers . These convoy missions took Macomb south to the northern coast of South America , east to the West African coast, and north to Newfoundland . Standing out of Boston on 5 July 1942 , Macomb escorted

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After shakedown Helm operated in the Caribbean until March 1938. Following summer exercises, she was attached to the newly formed Atlantic Squadron on October 1, 1938. Early in 1939, she deployed with Carrier Division 2 in the Caribbean for the annual fleet problem, developing tactics and

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The first USS Pigeon (AM-47/ASR-6) was a Lapwing -class minesweeper of the United States Navy . She was later converted to a submarine rescue ship. She was named for the avian ambassador, the pigeon . Pigeon was laid down by the Baltimore Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Co. , Baltimore, Maryland

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After commissioning, the ship briefly visited Galveston, Tex. then headed for NS Norfolk, Va. , to complete her outfitting and initial loading. On 13 October, the dock landing ship sailed for the West Coast. After transiting the Panama Canal , she reached NS San Diego , Calif. , her home port

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The Royal Navy had been using a converted cruiser , Hermes , as a seaplane carrier, to conduct trials in 1913. However, another ship was needed, and in 1913 [ 2 ] a tramp steamer was purchased for ₤81,000 whilst under construction at the Blyth Shipbuilding Company . This 7,000 long tons

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Having completed shakedown, Ludlow left Boston in October 1941 for Newfoundland and Iceland , convoying supplies ultimately destined for the British Isles. The 7 December attack on Pearl Harbor , and the declaration of war between Germany and the United States soon lengthened Ludlow' s

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After shakedown and training in the Caribbean , Niblack made her first convoy trip to NS Argentia , Newfoundland . In July 1940 she escorted the task force which landed the American occupation troops in Iceland . However, before the actual landings, Niblack made preliminary reconnaissance

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After shakedown , Shubrick sailed for North Africa with a large convoy on 8 June 1943 . Reaching her destination, she prepared for Operation Husky and, on 10 July , provided fire support for the landings at Gela , Sicily . She engaged enemy shore batteries and broke up an enemy tank concentration

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Fighting Ships . [ edit ] External links history.navy.mil: USS Joseph K. Taussig navsource org : USS Joseph K. Taussig hazegray org : USS Joseph K. Taussig v   •   d   •   e Dealey -class destroyer esco

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American Naval Fighting Ships . The entry can be found here . [ edit ] External links navsource org : USS Evans hazegray org : USS Evans v   •   d   •  

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