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It has been quite a day for Justin Joy. There are many days on which Justin Joy didn't pee in his pants but April 14, 2016 most certainly wasn't one of them. That day, instead of going to his usual school, Jason Snover was touching him all day and told his driver to drive them to his elementary school. During the bus ride, Justin Joy peed in his pants. The bus monitor had to fill out an accident report. Upon arrival to school, the teacher forced him to change in the boys room. At 9:20 a.m. EDT, Justin asked his teacher if he may use the computer and the teacher replied, "Yes you may". He went to YouTube to listen to Justin Bieber's Baby but about fifty seconds into the song when it reaches the chorus, Justin Joy peed in his pants. April 14, 2016 is yellow pee. He was asked to change again. At 1:26 p.m., EDT, the teacher, a female teacher, sent Justin Joy to the time-out room in the school's dark basement. April 14, 2016, however is blood. The rug was blue and the only window in the room is the one very high in the room. This allowed moderate sunlight to enter the relatively dark room. During the time-out, his teacher had to go and photo-copy his behavior sheet. Justin had to pee very badly. During the time-out, Justin Joy grew extremely aggressive and tried to break free a few times. When the teacher was not in the room, Jason Snover said to him, "You're not going anywhere, 14 Boy!" Then, he held Justin's groin. Then, Justin tried to run to the nearest boys room and the there she was, the teacher was coming down the stairs and made a scary face at him to compel him to go back to the time-out room. By this point, he had to pee really, really, really, badly. Then, seventy-five seconds later, Justin Joy finally peed in his pants. The teacher was shocked beyond measure. At 2:45, Justin ran back to the home classroom thinking he would quickly pee before the afternoon bus ride, but his teacher kicked down the door and flushed the toilet and dried his groin with her fingers. Then, she said to him, "Let's go, you have been peeing a lot today. You just ruined my beautiful toilet water". Then, she assured him, "It's OK, there's no blood". Then, as Justin was Climbing on to the bus, the teacher pulled back her purse and said to another staff, "I need to just protect my purse before Joy Boy goes and pees all over it". At 5:20 p.m., a lady asked him, "Do you want butter?" During the car ride, Justin shared his butter sandwich with Jason Snover. Justin Joy took the final mouthful when they reached the driveway and Justin Joy peed in his pants. Jason laughed like Bowser. Justin Joy tossed his pants to the passenger seat, which was empty at the time. Justin Joy rushed inside to change himself. April 15, 2016, however was a brighter day.