IKEA Heights

IKEA Heights is an comedic melodrama web series created by Dave Seger, Paul Bartunek, Delbert Shoopman, Spencer Strauss and Tom Kauffman for Channel 101. The series is a spoof of soap operas and filmed covertly inside the IKEA store in Burbank, California.[1]


Critical reception

Entertainment Weekly's Whitney Pastorek said of the series, "[IKEA Heights] is so brilliant and awesome that its glories can really only be diminished by additional words."[2]

Response from IKEA

Madeleine Löwenborg-Frick, a spokesperson for IKEA's Canadian branch, said of the series, "Absolutely, we think it’s funny. We see the humour in it and we approach our own marketing with a similar tongue-in-cheek humour. But unauthorized filming in our stores isn’t a good thing. There’s proper channels that people who want to film in our stores can go through."[3]


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