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Dérivé de NPT avec le suffixe -related.

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NPT-related \Prononciation ?\

  1. (Relations internationales) (Droit) Qui concerne les dispositions et les obligations contenu dans le traité de non-prolifération des armes nucléaires.
    • But meaningful power centers are by no means limited to countries. There are also any nulber of international organizations with clout: the United Nations and its many offshoots […]. There are as well regional bodies ([…]) and functional bodies, such as the oil cartel OPEC, the International Atomic Energy Agency that monitors NPT-related obligations, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, … — (Richard Haass, A World in Disarray, Penguins Book, 2018, p. 203 et 204)
    • The disarmament cluster debate further highlighted the growing concern about the absence of progress on previous NPT-related disarmament goals and alarm that existing instruments. — (Alicia Sanders-Zakre, Reporting on the 2019 NPT PrepCom, Arms Control Association, 10 mai 2019)