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When the station opened, at the same time as Route 1, the station was named "Ampere Way" due to the proximity of the former Croydon Power Station. The two chimneys from the old power station still exist in the grounds of an IKEA store, and they have IKEA coloured bands near their tops. The

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The retail park is divided into two areas: the bottom half is a long but large modern building which houses the entertainment and leisure area and a small parking lot. The upper half includes larger retail units with a large car park, B&Q and IKEA ; both have their own car-parks for customers

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The opening of Purley Way attracted industry to the area and it became the main industrial area of Croydon. Industry attracted to the area included Redwing Aircraft Ltd, Trojan Ltd (car manufacturers) and Tizer Ltd. There were also several metal companies including Standard Steel Co, Croydon

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The first power station built on the site, which would later become known as Croydon A power station, was opened in 1896. [ 1 ] The station was built near Croydon Gas Works by the Croydon Corporation . The generating equipment at the station was replaced in 1924, when low pressure equipment

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The Croydon power stations refers to a pair of demolished coal-fired power stations and to a gas -fired power station in the Purley Way area of Croydon , London. The coal-fired stations operated from 1896 until 1984, and the gas-fired station opened in 1999. Croydon B power station's chimneys

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It was opened by the Southern Railway on 6 July 1930 [ 1 ] [ 2 ] to serve new housing in Waddon, [ 3 ] and Croydon Gas Works, and Croydon A & B Power Stations . An island platform accessed by a footbridge served two through tracks. Two other tracks at the station were sidings for the gas

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There are currently 615 pupils who attend the school. The last Ofsted report, November 2007, stated that "West Thornton Primary is a good and improving school with a number of outstanding features." and that "The driving force behind the school's success is the headteacher who provides inspirational | 2011/3/14 14:17:49

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Tram stop layout Preceding tram stop   Tramlink   Following tram stop Beddington Lane towards Wimbledon Route 3 Ampere Way towards New Addington Coordinates : 51°23′09″N 0°07′45″W / 51.3857°N 0.1291°W / 51.3857; -0.1291 Wikimedia Commons

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Waddon Marsh tram stop From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Waddon Marsh Location Place Waddon and West Croydon Local authority Croydon Operations Managed by Tramlink Platforms in use 2 Date opened 2000 Transport

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The village lay within the Anglo-Saxon administrative division of Wallington hundred . The settlement appears in the Domesday Book as Beddinton(e) . It was held partly by Robert de Watevile from Richard de Tonebrige and by Miles Crispin. Its Domesday Assets were: 6 hides ; 1 church, 14