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company remained in Venezuela, which was a little less than two years. [ edit ] El Observador Venezolano When The Creole Oil Company moved to CVTV, they took two very important things from RCTV: one was El Observador Creole and the other was its host Francisco Amado Pernía. This loss

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Narcotráfico, S.A. ("Dope, Inc."), [ 1 ] and by 1988 he was the leader of the Partido Laboral Venezolano (PLV, Venezuelan Labor Party), a party which he co-founded as the Venezuelan branch of LaRouche's International Caucus of Labor Committees , modelled on LaRouche's U.S. Labor Party | 2011/7/24 6:41:29

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of the Venezuelan economy. He was even co-founder of the "Casa de Italia" and the "Centro Italo Venezolano " of Caracas, and participated in many other associations for the health and social assistance of the Italians with low level income. He even promoted the diffusion of the Italian language

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The seat of the municipal government is El Hatillo Town , founded in 1784 by Don Baltasar de León , who was instrumental in the area's development. Although the town had its origins during the Spanish colonization , the municipality was not established until 1991. In 2000—the year after

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The Primera División Venezolana ( Venezuelan First Division ), or Liga Venezolana ( Venezuelan League ) is the top-flight professional football league of Venezuela . It was created in 1921 and turned professional in 1957. It's organized by the Federación Venezolana de Fútbol and from | 2010/9/27 2:12:08

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Rosales began his political career as a youth leader of the political party, Acción Democrática (AD), described by the BBC as "one of the two parties that dominated Venezuelan politics for most of the second half of the 20th Century". [ 2 ] In 2000 [ 3 ] he founded "his own centre-left

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He was also an important educator of the classical guitar . Many guitarists active today studied with him in the 1980s and 1990s. Lastly, he had an important career as a concert guitarist, but his recordings are relatively scarce and hard to find. Hopefully the work of novel guitarists and | 2010/9/25 6:29:27

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The city of Puerto la Cruz is located on the southern shore of the Caribbean Sea . The elevation of the city varies between 767 and 64 metres (2,516 and 210 ft). The city position is at Latitude 10° 13' N and Longitude 64° 37' W. Typical temperatures vary between 25–28 °C (77–82 °F

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Comisión Presidencial para Asuntos Fronterizos Colombo-Venezolanos, 1992) [ 20 ] El Estado venezolano en l

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at the Bulletin of the Historical Archive of Miraflores (founded in 1961) Pensamiento político venezolano del siglo XIX (Venezuelan Political Thought of the 19th century) (15 volumes, 1961), Viajando por Venezuela (Travelling Venezuela) (9 volumes, 1961), Nuestro siglo XIX, 1830–1900