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The maletinazo , valijagate , or "suitcase scandal" was a 2007 scandal involving Venezuela and Argentina , souring friendship between the countries. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] The word comes from maletín (the Spanish word for suitcase or briefcase) and the suffix -azo which implies intensity or magnitude | 2011/8/4 19:04:34

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In January 1997, Venezuela's flag carrier , Viasa , ceased operations after 37 years of service due to prolonged financial problems. In May 2001, the idea to create a new flag carrier for Venezuela was proposed, but in December 2002, the project was put on hold until 1 October 2003. On 30 March

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Paper 5.3 Coin 6 1848–1854 Franco (silver) 6.1 History 6.2 Coin 7 1854–1857 Venezolano (gold and silver) 7.1 History 7.2 Paper 8 1857–1865 Peso fuerte de oro (gold) 8.1 History 8.2 Paper 8.2.1 1859–1861 public debt certificates 8.2.2 1861–1862 Banco | 2011/5/26 23:09:56

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The Cuban band Irakere of Chucho Valdés and El Trabuco Venezolano led by Alberto Naranjo shared a stage three times – twice in Venezuela at the Poliedro de Caracas , in 1979 and 1981 (two concerts each year), and once at the Teatro Carlos Marx in Havana, Cuba in 1981. This recording

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Díaz has endeavored to recover the folklore and musical traditions of the llanos , the Venezuelan plains. This style of music has since been performed by artists such as Argentina ’s Mercedes Sosa , Brazil ’s Caetano Veloso , Spain ’s Joan Manuel Serrat , Peru 's Susana Baca , Puerto

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Maldonado began his footballing career in Uruguay, where he started out in the youth teams of Montevideo club River Plate , going on his first team debut in 1999 but first team opportunities were limited and he twice returned to his home country of Venezuela on loan. First he went on loan

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The club was founded on April 10, 1972, in Acarígua . [ edit ] Titles Primera División Venezolana Amateur Era (0): . Professional Era (5): 1973 , 1975 , 1976 , 1977 , 1978 . Segunda División Venezolana : 2006 Segunda División B Venezolana : Tercera División Venezolana : Copa | 2010/9/25 20:29:31

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The club Estudiantes de Mérida Fútbol Club (usually called Estudiantes de Mérida , or simply Estudiantes ) is a professional football club of the Venezuelan league , based in Mérida , Venezuela . It has perfor­med well in both national and international competitions, like Copa Libertadores | 2010/9/26 18:22:08

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Iturrizaga was born 1 November 1989 in Caracas . He learned to move the chess pieces at age five. "I opened with pawn to e4 , then moved my knights , and put pawns on h3 and a3 for castling and to connect the rooks . For me that was all", he recalls. [ 3 ] He moved to Peru when he was seven