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The municipality is the second most populated in Stockholm County. Contents 1 Geography 1.1 Natural reserves [3] 1.2 Lakes [4] 2 Demography 3 Localities 4 History 5 Public transport 6 Subdivisions 7 Culture 8 Sports 9 Split into two municipalities 10 Twin

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In 1901 Älmhult was detached from Stenbrohult and made a market town ( köping ). The present municipality was created by the local government reform of 1971, when Älmhult was amalgamated with the surrounding rural municipalities. Of historical significance is that the world renowned botanist

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Sölvesborg is, despite its small population, for historical reasons normally still referred to as a city . Statistics Sweden , however, only counts localities with more than 10,000 inhabitants as cities. Contents 1 History of the city 2 Industries 3 Transport and connections

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Lausanne has a population (as of December 2009 [update] ) of 125,885 [ 1 ] , making it the fourth largest city of the country, with the entire agglomeration area having over 330,000 inhabitants. [ 3 ] The Metropolitan Area of Lausanne-Geneva is over 1.2 million inhabitants. The headquarters

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double-looped one at the Belgrade Arena , goes right through the middle of the settlement. The municipality of Novi Beograd covers an area of 40.74 square kilometres (15.73 sq mi). The main physical characteristic of Novi Beograd is its flatness, which poses a high contrast to the old Belgrade

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It was in Älmhult that the first IKEA store was built, and IKEA still has a large corporate presence here. The botanist Carl Linnaeus was born in Råshult, Stenbrohult, now part of Älmhult municipality . Älmhult has a local high school called Haganässkolan, and also an International

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Agunnaryd is chiefly associated with the industrialist Ingvar Kamprad , who founded IKEA (the A of which stands for Agunnaryd ). It has one school, a kindergarten, a small supermarket named 'Mat öppet', and four football teams. The little village has its own newspaper/newsletter, Agunnaryds | 2011/5/12 20:53:39

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Its 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) of beaches have made the city a very popular tourist resort. Today the city houses a notably large population of English-speaking immigrants from the United Kingdom, USA, and Canada. According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), at the end of 2009

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This suburb is also known as the Goat village , because of its Goat parade. Every five years this parade attracts a lot of tourists. The most recent one on September 19, 2010. Contents 1 Overview 2 Demography 3 Evolution of the population size 3.1 Nineteenth century 3.2 Twentieth

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The first IKEA store in The Netherlands opened in Sliedrecht in 1978, but it closed in 2006. Sliedrecht is also the site of the Nationaal Baggermuseum (National Dredging Museum) - featuring dredging and salvage . [ edit ] Public transportation Merwede-Lingelijn Legend | 2011/4/22 16:03:08