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However, one of the requirements for eurozone membership is two years' membership of ERM II , and Sweden has chosen not to join this mechanism. While there is government support for membership, all parties have pledged not to join without a referendum in favour of doing so. The Swedish krona

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The IKEA Catalogue (US spelling: IKEA Catalog ) is a popular mail-order catalogue published annually by the Swedish home furnishing retailer, IKEA . First published in Swedish in 1951, the catalogue is now published each summer in 55 different editions, in 27 languages for 35 countries

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The traditional provinces of Sweden serve no administrative or political purposes, but are historical and cultural entities. The province is divided into the three administrative counties : Jönköping County , Kalmar County and Kronoberg County , which roughly cover the entire Småland

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was later taken by the Swedes in Warsaw 1655 and is now to be seen at Armémuseum, Stockholm , Sweden . An alliance between Sweden and Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky against Poland was negotiated several times between 1651 and 1657. After the 1656 peace in Vilnius between Muscovy and

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World War and was formally dissolved in 1945. During the war it's most notable member was later IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad . The party was one of the earliest Holocaust deniers , an activity that the organization started in May 1945 in Den Svenske Nationalsocialisten . [ 2 ] [ edit ]

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Sölvesborg is, despite its small population, for historical reasons normally still referred to as a city . Statistics Sweden , however, only counts localities with more than 10,000 inhabitants as cities. Contents 1 History of the city 2 Industries 3 Transport and connections

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, the main pedestrian shopping street in the city, was the first pedestrian shopping street in Sweden . Contents 1 History 2 Industry 3 Sports 4 Notable natives 5 Subdivisions 6 Sights 7 See also 8 References 9 External links [ edit ] History Helsingborg is one

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contributor to the Swedish national economy. Kopparberg lies on a major north-south road, 80 km north of Sweden 's sixth most populous city, Örebro . Örebro is in the middle of Sweden , lying on the east-west 500 km/300 mile E18/E20 highway and also train lines that directly connect Stockholm

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It was in Älmhult that the first IKEA store was built, and IKEA still has a large corporate presence here. The botanist Carl Linnaeus was born in Råshult, Stenbrohult, now part of Älmhult municipality. Älmhult has a local high school called Haganässkolan, and also an International

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The municipality is the second most populated in Stockholm County. Contents 1 Geography 1.1 Natural reserves [3] 1.2 Lakes [4] 2 Demography 3 Localities 4 History 5 Public transport 6 Subdivisions 7 Culture 8 Sports 9 Split into two municipalities 10 Twin cities