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The IKEA Catalogue (US spelling: IKEA Catalog ) is a popular mail-order catalogue published annually by the Swedish home furnishing retailer, IKEA . First published in Swedish in 1951, the catalogue is now published each summer in 55 different editions, in 27 languages for 35 countries

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the Rurik Dynasty which ruled Kievan Rus until the 14th century. [ 1 ] Relations between the Swedish kings and Kievan Rus were close for many centuries and Yaroslav I the Wise was also married to king Olof Skötkonung 's daughter Ingigerd Olofsdotter . [ 2 ] According to the Normanist

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Helsingborg. [ 3 ] This was one of the main incomes for the Danish Crown. Following the Dano Swedish War (1657-1658) and the Treaty of Roskilde Denmark had to give up all territory on the southern Scandinavian peninsula , and Helsingborg became a Swedish city. King Charles X Gustav of

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The New Swedish Movement ( Swedish : Nysvenska Rörelsen ) was a far-right political movement in Sweden that emphasized strong Swedish nationalism, corporatism , anti-Semitism and anti-communism as well as a cult of personality around Per Engdahl who founded the organization in 1941

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The municipality is the second most populated in Stockholm County. Contents 1 Geography 1.1 Natural reserves [3] 1.2 Lakes [4] 2 Demography 3 Localities 4 History 5 Public transport 6 Subdivisions 7 Culture 8 Sports 9 Split into two municipalities 10 Twin cities

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in the 18th century, a major supply of the world's copper, and a considerable contributor to the Swedish national economy. Kopparberg lies on a major north-south road, 80 km north of Sweden's sixth most populous city, Örebro . Örebro is in the middle of Sweden, lying on the east-west 500

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It was in Älmhult that the first IKEA store was built, and IKEA still has a large corporate presence here. The botanist Carl Linnaeus was born in Råshult, Stenbrohult, now part of Älmhult municipality. Älmhult has a local high school called Haganässkolan, and also an International

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331,539 (2006). Jönköping is the seat of a district court and a court of appeal as well as the Swedish National Courts Administration. It is also the seat of the Swedish Board of Agriculture . [ 2 ] Contents 1 History 2 Present 3 Climate 4 Notable people 5 Education 6

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Agunnaryd is chiefly associated with the industrialist Ingvar Kamprad , who founded IKEA (the A of which stands for Agunnaryd ). It has one school, a kindergarten, a small supermarket named 'Mat öppet', and four football teams. The little village has its own newspaper/newsletter, Agunnaryds

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Sören Norby , which he was granted after his leaving Sweden , as he had fell out of favour with the Swedish king, Gustav Vasa . With the Danish king Christian IV , change came to be. The old town west to Sölvesborg, Vä , was burnt down during the wars with Sweden and Christian wanted to