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The Nokia 6700 classic is a mobile phone made by Nokia and successor of the 6300 . It was announced in January 2009 and arrived on the European market in June that year. [ edit ] Features The Nokia 6700 classic is a Series 40 6th Edition phone. Among its key features are Integrated

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The Nokia 6700 Slide is a mobile phone released by Nokia in May 2010. It has many of the features associated with " smartphones ," including email and web browsing , 3G connectivity, and an operating system ( Symbian S60 ) that provides access to a wide variety of downloadable "apps

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Bellaire is known as the "City of Homes" as the city is mostly residential, [ 5 ] while there are offices along the 610 Loop within the city limits. [ 6 ] As of 2000, Bellaire is the 27th wealthiest location in Texas by per capita income . Contents 1 History 2 Geography and climate

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estimated (based on ground deposition of caesium-137 ) to be between 3 and 150 mSv {between a 1 in 6700 and a 1 in 130 chance of a fatal cancer, assuming the ICRP risk factor of a 5% of a fatal cancer per Sv of exposure} for adults (depending on the distance from the reactor and the day

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M20B25 2.5 L (2494 cc/152 in³) 126 kW (169 hp) @ 5800 226 N·m (166 ft·lbf) @ 4000 6700 1985 120 kW (161 hp) @ 5800 215 N·m (158 ft·lbf) @ 4000 6700 1985 125 kW (169 hp) @ 5800 222 N·m (163 ft·lbf) @ 4300 6700 1987 M20B27 2.7 L (2693 cc/164 in

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The GeForce 6 Series ( codename NV40 ) is Nvidia's sixth generation of GeForce graphic processing units . Launched on April 14, 2004, the GeForce 6 family introduced PureVideo post-processing for video, SLI technology, and Shader Model 3.0 support (compliant with Microsoft DirectX

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At the time of Lambert's return to Leicester, his weight began to increase steadily, even though he was athletically active and, by his own account, abstained from drinking alcohol and did not eat unusual amounts of food. In 1805, Lambert's gaol closed. By this time, he weighed 50  stone

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The Burroughs Corporation was a major American manufacturer of business equipment. The company was founded in 1886 as the American Arithmometer Company and was assimilated in the 1986 merger that resulted in the creation of Unisys . The company's history paralleled many of the major developments

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The borders of present-day Bangladesh were established with the partition of Bengal and India in 1947, when the region became East Pakistan , part of the newly formed nation of Pakistan . However, it was separated from the western wing by 1,600 km (994 mi) of Indian territory. Due to political