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Originally called Brighton , Beaver Falls was chartered as a borough in 1868. It adopted the commission form of government in 1913. Population counts were as follows: 1890 , 9,735 1900 , 10,054 1910 , 12,191 1920 , 12,802 1940 , 17,098 2000 , 9,920 Nearly 50% of the population

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. Indigenous peoples lived along the river valleys for thousands of years before European contact . From more than two thousand years ago, 100 BC to 500 AD, people of the Hopewell culture transformed the area of Newark. They built many earthen mounds and enclosures , creating the single

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The Raelian Movement teaches that life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they call the Elohim . Members of this species appeared human and when having personal contacts with the descendants of the humans they made, they were mistaken for angels

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Before White, AIDS was a disease widely associated with the male gay community, because it was first diagnosed among gay men. That perception shifted as White and other prominent HIV-infected people, such as Magic Johnson , the Ray brothers and Kimberly Bergalis , appeared in the media to

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Norfolk is located at the core of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, named for the large natural harbor of the same name located at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay . It is one of nine cities and seven counties that constitute the Hampton Roads metro area, officially known as the Virginia Beach

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variants include M8 through M16, which are encrypted by various degrees, and are typically used by the Contact Section. Higher level encryptions exist, the highest of these being M32. M32 and lower level encrypted signals are the province of Special Circumstances. Use of M32 is reserved for

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by air or boat. The island has two airports, one public and one private. The ZIP code is 49782. Beaver Island is also the name of an unincorporated community comprising the settled areas of the island. Contents 1 Geography 2 Economy 3 The Mormon kingdom on Beaver Island 4

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In statistics and survey methodology , sampling is concerned with the selection of a subset of individuals from within a population to estimate characteristics of the whole population. Researchers rarely survey the entire population because the cost of a census is too high. The three main

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The Society for Creative Anachronism ( SCA ) is an international living history group with the aim of studying and recreating mainly Medieval European cultures and their histories before the 17th century. A quip often used within the SCA describes it as a group devoted to the Middle Ages

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Hence we can conclude that the Standard of Living, suggests the level of well-being of an individual, household or firm as measured by various parameters like income, consumption etc. [ 3 ] However to be more specific the widely acknowledged measure for standard of living is: Average real

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