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Blair, county seat and largest city in Washington County, was not one of its earliest towns. It was established when the Sioux City and Pacific Rail Road chose to cross the river at that location, going from Missouri Valley, Iowa , and up along "Carter Hollow" on the Nebraska side. Whether

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Griffin designed the lake with many geometric motifs, so that the axes of his design lined up with natural geographical landmarks in the area. However, government authorities changed his original plans and no substantial work was completed before he left Australia in 1920. His scheme remained

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Botanical Gardens with a boat launch. [ 1 ] [ 3 ] For further information on North Tonawanda, contact the North Tonawanda History Museum. A full-length book, "North Tonawanda: The Lumber City," was produced by the History Museum in 2007 and is ava

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The Raelian Movement teaches that life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they call the Elohim . Members of this species appeared human and when having personal contacts with the descendants of the humans they made, they were mistaken for angels

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A videoconference or video conference (also known as a videoteleconference ) is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. It has also been called 'visual collaboration' and

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On 25 November 1975, leaders of the military intelligence services of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay met, with Manuel Contreras , chief of DINA (the Chilean secret police), in Santiago de Chile, officially creating the Plan Condor . [ 7 ] However, cooperation between various

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Kachin State has Myanmar’s highest mountain, Hkakabo Razi (5,889 metres (19,321 ft)), forming the southern tip of the Himalayas , and a large inland lake, Indawgyi Lake . Contents 1 Demographics 2 Economy 3 Transport 4 Education 5 Health care 6 History 7 See also 8

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Social rejection was and is a punishment used by many customary legal systems . Such sanctions include the ostracism of ancient Athens and the still-used kasepekang in Balinese society. Contents 1 Overview 1.1 Effects 1.2 Civil rights implications 2 In religious practice

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two smaller exercise yards. The visiting room includes an attached patio as well as space for non contact visits. [ edit ] History Folsom Prison museum in 2008 FSP is California's second-oldest prison, long known for its harsh conditions in the decades following the California Gold

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It is one of the highest-income counties in the United States , which helps to make Connecticut one of the most affluent states in the United States . The area of the county, known as the Gold Coast , includes the entire southern portion of the county as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, Super