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encryption. Pidgin features some of the standard tools for an instant-messaging client, such as a contact list , file transfer on supported protocols, and conversation and chat logging. Tabbed conversations is an optional feature on Pidgin. The IM window consists of the message window, formatting | 2011/9/1 5:01:37

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as a journalist which allowed him the time and resources to bring the American Trotskyists into contact with their co-thinkers. The CLA often gave him responsibility for contact and correspondence with Trotskyists in other countries. While holidaying in Europe during 1930, he became the first | 2011/7/27 11:38:56

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own way forward. Samaritans do not denounce suicide, and it is not necessary to be suicidal to contact Samaritans. In 2007, 80% of the people contacting Samaritans did not express suicidal feelings. [ 6 ] Samaritans believes that offering people the opportunity to be listened to in confidence

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in the United States" by a gift of $10 million from Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage (1828–1918), widow of railroad magnate and financier Russell Sage . [ 2 ] Mrs. Sage directed the foundation to pursue its mission through a broad set of activities, including "research, publication, education

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Warboys is a large parish and village on what was the eastern side of Huntingdonshire bordering on Cambridgeshire. It was returned in the Domesday survey of 1086 amongst the lands of St. Benedict of Ramsey . The north-east part is Fenland , with the higher land to the south being of stiff

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SyncML is most commonly thought of as a method to synchronize contact and calendar information ( personal information manager ) between some type of handheld device and a computer (personal, or network-based service), such as between a mobile phone and a personal computer . The new version | 2011/8/1 22:03:41

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Upgrades 3 Operation 3.1 Radar subsystems 3.2 Gun and ammunition handling system 3.3 CIWS contact target identification 4 Incidents 4.1 Drone exercise accident 4.2 Iraqi missile attack in Gulf War I 4.3 Accidental downing of US aircraft 5 21st century 5.1 Centurion

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possibility of accommodation at his leisure. As a guest, a traveler may find possible hosts and contact them through the website. No money is involved — guests and hosts do not pay each other. The duration of the stay, whether food is provided for free, for a fee or not at all, and all other

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Users of the service, through whichever channel, are asked questions about their symptoms or problem. Common problems are often given simple self care advice, which they can follow thereby avoiding an expensive visit to a health care professional. More complex problems are assessed by a nurse | 2011/8/4 5:33:03 print that page

Service 2.6 Government Quicklinks 2.7 State and Territory Governments 2.8 FAQs, Help and Contact page 3 Awards 4 References 5 External links [ edit ] History was first launched in May 1998, providing access to all Australian Government information on the | 2011/6/29 23:23:03