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songs used on the "Silver Apples" album. Another song, "Gypsy Love," was used in the second album, Contact ." In recent performances, Simeon still plays some of his and Warren's works from the early days of Silver Apples. [ 1 ] The following year, they released their second LP, Contact | 2011/8/7 10:30:30

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Generation crew's first two big screen appearances, Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: First Contact . [ edit ] Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1994–99) Main article: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Moore then joined the production staff of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for its third season

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The group was formed in 2002 and released their self-titled debut album Vanilla Ninja , containing songs in both English and Estonian , the following year. Since their debut single "Club Kung Fu" was released in 2003, the girls have had many hits in Central Europe , including "Tough Enough

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is really a carved boat, using the tapestry as a sail. When they reach land, they meet Nadia's contact . Number Six borrows the contact 's watch since his own has stopped. Number Six and Nadia then hide in a packing case as they travel to London . They end up in Number Six's old office and | 2011/8/8 13:37:06

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fiction works, especially on television. First described in Murray Leinster 's 1945 novella " First Contact ", [ 1 ] the translator's purpose is to offer an instant translation of any language . Like hyperdrive , a universal translator depicted in these works is a somewhat improbable technology | 2011/9/12 14:35:04

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A collection agency is a business that pursues payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses. [ 1 ] Most collection agencies operate as agents of creditors and collect debts for a fee or percentage of the total amount owed. [ 2 ] There are many types of collection agencies. First | 2011/9/1 18:14:57

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friend. Such children would live with their sponsor, or sometimes live in a boarding school in close contact with their sponsor. Prior to 1941, only small groups were brought into the country because of social hostility to allowing foreigners to enter the U.S. during the Depression. Sponsoring | 2011/8/30 9:30:32

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soldiers from across the spectrum of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) engaged in direct contact with enemy forces in the Global War on Terror, the proposal gained new traction. It appears that the concept for the current Combat Action Badge came from an article written for Armor

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Modelling an object as a continuum assumes that the substance of the object completely fills the space it occupies. Modelling objects in this way ignores the fact that matter is made of atoms , and so is not continuous; however, on length scales much greater than that of inter-atomic distances | 2011/10/1 6:28:32

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James Brown . In 1979, Starr reappeared on the charts with a pair of disco hits, "(Eye-To-Eye) Contact " and "H.A.P.P.Y. Radio". Contact " was the more successful of the two, peaking at #65 on the U.S. pop charts, #13 on the R&B chart, #1 on the dance chart, and #6 on the UK Singles Chart