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Knowledge Management Cases in Asia print that page

This e-book is created by forty-one education students at The University of Hong Kong. It contains actual cases of KM application in various Asian organizations, which includes the beverage industry, a law enforcement unit, a public transport corporation, the telecommunication industry, a non

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Contemporary Educational Psychology/Chapter 4: Student Diversity print that page

between individual and group differences is sometimes convenient, but it is always a bit arbitrary. Individuals with similar, but nonetheless unique qualities sometimes group themselves together for certain purposes, and groups unusually contain a lot of individual diversity within them. If

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Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies/Online Books print that page

click. It was never considered that humankind had the ability to create more information than individuals can absorb (Gillani, 2003). With such amount knowledge and limited budgets, libraries had difficulties in keeping collections and patron’s needs in balance, and failed to keep up with

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How to write a research paper in History/Finding sources print that page

As a knowledge-creating discipline, history is driven primarily by its sources . This section is designed to help the student think about finding sources, types of sources, and the difficulties inherent in sources. Contents 1 Finding sources 1.1 What is a source? 1.2 Using secondary

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A Wikimanual of Gardening/Urushiol-induced contact dermatitis print that page


less common, but just as problematic. [ edit ] Exposure Blistering 48 hours after urushiol contact Urushiol-induced contact dermatitis is contracted by contact with a plant or any other object containing urushiol oil. Clothing or other materials that contact the plant and then

Information Technology and Ethics/Cyber-Crimes II print that page

a form of unprovoked aggression often directed repeatedly toward another individual or group of individuals .” [1] With these new technologies, this cruelty and unfounded hatred for one another can now be expressed by a simple stoke of a keyboard. Individuals are forced to alter their

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A Wikimanual of Gardening/Contact Herbicides print that page


Contact herbicides are chemicals that kill plant tissues on contact . These are not the same as systemic herbicides, which kill the entire plant. This page is a stub entry in A Wikimanual of Gardening . Please see the Local MOS for guidelines on how to expand it. Subject : WMOG stubs

Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/First aid/Electric wire contact print that page

First, do not touch a person who comes into contact with a live electric wire. If you do, the electricity will also flow through your body, and there will be two victims instead of one. Instead, if you can quickly turn off the power source, do so immediately. If it cannot be turned off quickly

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Canadian History/Viking Contact print that page

BBC - History - Vikings ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/vikings/ ) Forward to First Contact

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Contemporary Educational Psychology/Chapter 8: Instructional Strategies/Mastery Learning print that page

goals of each unit are truly important—even crucial—for everyone to learn, so that even slower individuals spend their time well. The other challenge of mastery learning is more practical : the approach makes strong demands for detailed, highly organized curriculum. If the approach is

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