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The name Bevan Spencer von Einem first came to attention on the night of 10 May 1972 when two homosexual men were thrown into the River Torrens by a group of men believed to be police officers. The river banks, or "Number 1 beat " as it was then known, was a place for homosexuals to meet

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several centuries. Denmark-Norway nonetheless claimed the territory, and, after centuries of no contact between the Norse Greenlanders and their Scandinavian brethren, it was feared that the Greenlanders had lapsed back into paganism ; so a missionary expedition was sent out to reinstate

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La Forge is naturally blind so one of his trademarks in the series is wearing a VISOR , which is later replaced by ocular prosthetic implants in the last three films. Contents 1 Casting 2 Character back story 2.1 Alternate time lines 3 VISOR 3.1 Reality 4 Critical

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communication with traffic control he turned his plane to the east. Air traffic controllers tried to contact him as he was moving around the busy Helsinki–Moscow route, but Rust turned off all communications equipment aboard. [ 1 ] [ 3 ] Rust disappeared from the Finnish air traffic control

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In the fictional world of Robotech , the Robotech Wars are a series of four devastating wars that take place in the first half of the 21st century. They begin in 2009 with the first battle between the SDF-1 and Zentraedi and continue in 2044 after the Invid retreat from Earth and the subsequent | 2011/9/14 0:56:06

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best-known cases of alien abduction. Contents 1 The UFO Encounter 2 Hickson and Parker contact police 2.1 The "Secret Tape" 3 Publicity 4 Polygraph 5 Aftermath 6 See also 7 References 8 External links [ edit ] The UFO Encounter On the evening of October 11

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surrounding planets, stars, and moon as well as in the earth itself. It is a modern study of direct contact with the universal teachers – the other major works in the field are products of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation periods. Beyond that it offers a glimpse into a complete | 2011/7/28 19:01:01

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first. For injury purposes, certain targets are discouraged, like strikes to the knee and face contact for low ranks. Many schools prohibit strikes to the groin, while others allow it completely. Some schools might limit contact to light contact all around, while others may employ power

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Motorsports . He led some laps during the race, but eventually finished 35th as a result of a small contact in the closing laps. In 2005, he also competed in the Rolex Sports Car Series event at Watkins Glen. After his success in the 2005 season, Goeters looked to continue his career in | 2011/6/28 8:43:35

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Upon its release, We'll Never Turn Back received generally positive reviews from music critics, based on an aggregate score of 76/100 from Metacritic . [ 11 ] Allmusic writer Thom Jurek gave the album 3½ out of 5 stars and commended Staples for her vocal ability and performance, while calling