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distance apart. The molecules are stabilized by Van der Waals interaction at the Van der Waals contact distance because the potential energy of the system at this distance is at its lowest. In the potential energy diagram shown to the right, the minimum potential energy point corresponds

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It is defined as the duration between two events. In the international system of measurement (S.I.) the second (s) is the basic unit of time and it is defined as the time it takes a cesium (Cs) atom to perform 9 192 631 770 complete oscillations. The Earth revolves around its own axis in 86400

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based graphics. The main problem with Software-based graphics is that it is not using the full potential of your video card. Usually, the software-based approach is used to create simple graphics such as the user interface in Microsoft Word. But for 3D graphics to run at full speed you need

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Social and Cultural Foundations of American Education/Edition 3/6.6.4 print that page

James J. Lidington edits Contents 1 Positive Classroom Discipline 2 Introduction (Disciplining to Prosocial Behavior) 3 Preparation; or Preventive Intervention to Prosocial classroom discipline. 4 Assist; or Supportive Intervention to Prosocial Classroom Discipline. 5 Reflecting

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fairs are great places to submit resumes, talk to company representatives, and to gather valuable contact information. However, because of the nature of career fairs, it can be difficult to provide a focused resume and cover letter to every company in attendance. Often times, you are forced

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This module has some simple physics and, at the end, some chemistry of the pinewood derby . A pinewood derby car converts gravitational potential energy to translational kinetic energy (and resulting velocity), rotational kinetic energy in the spinning wheels, and heat from friction. The fastest

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This guide is meant as a supplement to a year long freshman level physics course with a trigonometry prerequisite. Some ideas from calculus are included in the book but are not necessary to understand the content. The overview of equations and definitions and eventually sample problem solutions

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A potential divider, or potentiometer, consists of a number of resistors, and a voltmeter. The voltage read by the voltmeter is determined by the ratio of the resistances on either side of the point at which one end of the voltmeter is connected. To understand how a potential divider works

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the voltmeter? First, work out the resistances of the resistors: Then, work out the external potential difference (ie. excluding the potential difference lost due to the battery's internal resistance): V external = E - IR internal = 9 - (2 x 0.8) = 7.4V Subject : A-level Physics

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Contact herbicides are chemicals that kill plant tissues on contact . These are not the same as systemic herbicides, which kill the entire plant. This page is a stub entry in A Wikimanual of Gardening . Please see the Local MOS for guidelines on how to expand it. Subject : WMOG stubs