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Two die in two-car crash near Connel, Scotland print that page

loved ones as they attempt to come to terms with what has happened." Police have appealed for potential witnesses to contact them. Have an opinion on this story? Post it! Sources Strathclyde Police . " APPEAL AFTER FATAL ROAD CRASH – CONNEL " —  Facebook , August 2, 2013

wikinews.org | 2015/7/10 19:24:51

Orkney, Scotland crash kills two print that page


those involved in the incident have been publicly divulged thus far. The force has encouraged any potential witnesses to contact them. If you know of any information regarding this incident, contact Orkney Police Station: 01856 872241 Have an opinion on this story? Post it!

65th human bird flu case reported In Egypt print that page

spokesman Abdel Rahman Shahine said the woman had started to show symptoms on April 7 after coming into contact with dead birds. Some 23 Egyptians have died after contracting the virus. Most came into contact with infected domestic birds in a country where roughly 5 million households depend

wikinews.org | 2009/4/27 0:50:51

Wikinews interviews Dr Thomas Scotto and Dr Steve Hewitt about potential US military intervention in Syria print that page


The United States President , Barack Obama , announced on Saturday he was seeking Congressional authorisation for military intervention in Syria . Wikinews interviewed Professor of Government Dr. Thomas Scotto from the UK 's University of Essex and Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian

Breast cancer drug discovery offers hope for a potential cure print that page

the risk of breast cancer before it becomes deadly. A new drug discovery approach has yielded a potential therapy for breast cancer that may be more effective than existing medicines. Scientists have identified a chemical compound that is highly effective at blocking the growth of breast

wikinews.org | 2016/5/30 12:12:45

SETI Institute set to re-open print that page


actress Jodie Foster who popularized SETI ("Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence") in the movie Contact , provided $220,000 to keep the Institute's telescopes functioning. "We are absolutely thrilled that thousands of people from all over the world stepped forward to declare their support

Married couple die after being hit by car in Largs, Scotland print that page

A report about the incident is to be sent to the procurator fiscal . Police have appealed for potential witnesses to the accident to contact them. Have an opinion on this story? Post it! Sources [ edit ] Strathclyde Police . " FATAL ROAD CRASH – LARGS " —  Facebook , August

wikinews.org | 2015/7/10 6:45:25

Astronomers to vote on potential new planets print that page


The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has offered up a new definition of the word "planet" that could potentially increase our solar system 's nine planets to at least twelve. According to the proposed definition, "A planet is a celestial body that (a) has sufficient mass for its self

Australian cabinet discounted potential security risks with nuclear energy print that page

security concerns are not an issue. "When you look at sources of energy you don't look at any potential terrorist threat," he said. The justice minister said that cabinet discussed measures for protecting crucial infrastructure but denies that a nuclear power station is any more of a target

wikinews.org | 2015/7/9 15:30:13

Bush and Putin suggest potential for World War III print that page


The Tehran Times responded to Bush reporting that "either Bush has gone totally mad and now makes statements without consulting his advisors, or the neo-conservatives are dreaming of a new world order and no longer feel compelled to hide their goal and U.S. officials should put a muzzle on