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Swiss MI, also chose to pass some of this information to the British SIS . Later, through another contact who was a part of a Soviet ( GRU ) network run by Sandor Rado , Roessler was able to pass to the Soviet Union, recognizing the role of the USSR in the fight against Nazism. Roessler was | 2011/8/24 16:52:16

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activist, Cliff Goodman, revived the name in 1972, and set about attacking hunters' vehicles. They progressed to attacking pharmaceutical laboratories and seal-hunting boats, and on November 10, 1973, they set fire to a building in Milton Keynes with the aim of making insurance prohibitive

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Subsistence and relationship to the land 1.2 Homes 1.3 Government 2 History 2.1 European contact 2.1.1 Original English impressions 2.2 Bacon's Rebellion 3 Pamunkey Indians today 3.1 Pottery 4 See also 5 References 6 Sources 7 External links [ edit

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electrography", "electrophotography" and "corona discharge photography." The Kirlian technique is contact photography, in which the subject is in direct contact with a film placed upon a charged metal plate. The underlying physics (which makes xerographic copying possible) was explored

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own way forward. Samaritans do not denounce suicide, and it is not necessary to be suicidal to contact Samaritans. In 2007, 80% of the people contacting Samaritans did not express suicidal feelings. [ 6 ] Samaritans believes that offering people the opportunity to be listened to in confidence

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Star Trek: The Next Generation and the feature films Star Trek Generations , Star Trek: First Contact , Star Trek: Insurrection , and Star Trek Nemesis . He also made an appearance in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . Depicted as deeply moral, highly logical and intelligent

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Lacrosse, a relatively popular team sport in the Americas , may have developed as early as the 5th century, [ 1 ] [ 2 ] but since then has undergone many modifications. In the traditional Native Canadian version, each team consisted of about 100 to 1,000 men on a field that stretched from

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The group was formed in 2002 and released their self-titled debut album Vanilla Ninja , containing songs in both English and Estonian , the following year. Since their debut single "Club Kung Fu" was released in 2003, the girls have had many hits in Central Europe , including "Tough Enough

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handball are completely different sports to team handball. The game is quite fast and includes body contact as the defenders try to stop the attackers from approaching the goal. Contact is only allowed when the defensive player is completely in front of the offensive player, i.e. between

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The foreign relations of North Korea are often tense and unpredictable. Since the Korean War armistice in 1953, the North Korean government has been largely isolationist , becoming one of the world's most authoritarian societies. Ever since North Korea signed the Armistice Agreement