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5 Season 5 5.1 Line of Departure [5.1] 5.2 Command Presence [5.2] 5.3 Movement to Contact [5.3] 5.4 Supporting Arms [5.8] 5.5 Countermeasures [5.9] 5.6 Battle Buddies [5.10] 5.7 Drop Zone [5.11] 5.8 Firefight [5.12] 5.9 Farewell to Arms [5.13] 6 Season 6

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suppose will be less enthused. Shaun : If you have any information, any information at all, please contact me as I'm writing an encyclopaedia. Shaun : Don't forget, tomorrow is national typewriter day, so buy a ribbon . Shaun : Is it pornography or is it art? Well as far as I'm concerned

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your birthday present. It frightens me to think that so few people even bother to open up the ribbon ! Rip it open! Tear off the top! It's just full of love and magic and joy and wonder and pain and tears . All of the things that are your gift for being human . Who is the loving person

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by him, on his sister Kate 's album Hounds of Love (1985). Never was man brought into contact with reality save through the evanescent emotions and sensations of that single moment, that infinitesimal fraction of a second, which was passing now… ~ James Branch Cabell So

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