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A license agreement defines the terms under which a resource or property such as petroleum , minerals , patents , trademarks , and copyrights are licensed by one party to another, either without restriction or subject to a limitation on term, business or geographic territory, type of product

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A skilled and able diplomat, Zhou served as the Chinese foreign minister from 1949 to 1958. Advocating peaceful coexistence with the West after the stalemated Korean War , he participated in the 1954 Geneva Conference and helped orchestrate Richard Nixon's 1972 visit to China . He helped

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The Chernobyl disaster (locally Катастрофа Чернобыля, Chornobyl Catastrophe ) was a nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (officially Ukrainian SSR ), which was under the direct jurisdiction of the central Moscow

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Dr. Arlin and Beka Horton moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1952 to found a Christian grade school. That school, Pensacola Christian School, opened in 1954. In 1974, the Hortons opened Pensacola Christian College to further their vision of "Education from a Christian Perspective." Pensacola

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In general, freedom of speech is considered an integral American value, as protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution . This freedom, though fundamental, has also been accompanied since its enshrinement with contest and controversy. For instance, restraints increased

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The Church of Scientology is an organization devoted to the practice and the promotion of the Scientology belief system . The Church of Scientology International is the Church of Scientology's parent organization, and is responsible for the overall ecclesiastical management, dissemination

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The original method was that a group of analysts would generate simulation games for policy makers . The games combine known facts about the future, such as demographics , geography , military , political , industrial information, and mineral reserves , with plausible alternative social,

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The following is a list of magical objects used in Harry Potter . These objects exist for the use of the characters in the series by J. K. Rowling . Contents 1 Communication 1.1 Enchanted Coins 1.2 Howler 2 Concealers 2.1 Deluminator (Put-Outer) 2.2 Invisibility Cloaks

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Throughout the history of Christianity , many have criticized Christianity, the church , and Christians themselves. Some criticism specifically addresses Christian beliefs, teachings and interpretation of scripture. The formal response of Christians to such criticisms is described as Christian

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According to the narrative, Gondor was founded by brothers Isildur and Anárion , exiles from the downfallen island kingdom of Númenor , and along with Arnor in the north served as a last stronghold of the Men of the West . After an early period of growth, Gondor gradually declined as the