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The Catholic University of Louvain has just uploaded DicAuPro , an online dictionary of 1,700 French proverbs. While free, it requires an email address to obtain access to it. It consists of a digitization of 33 university essays (similar to QP in USA academic system) on the philology and etymology

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From mid-Mai to mid-June (from 05/20/2017 to 06/20/2017) French entries increased by 2,057 and quotations increased by 1,668 . There are now 353,193 lemmas, 525,047 definitions and 324,118 quotations or examples. The three other languages which progressed the most are Northern Sami

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Bonjour, Ce mois-ci, je vous propose de nous intéresser au vocabulaire du vol dans les airs, afin de distinguer les tonneaux des vrilles , les piqués des plongés  ! Je vous propose donc de réfléchir à un thésaurus du vol aérien ou de le nommer un peu différemment pour le distinguer

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in the population and sold imported and processed goods,… —  (Stella Lowder, Inside Third World Cities ) Antonymes [ modifier le wikicode ] impecunious Dérivés [ modifier le wikicode ] pecuniosity Catégories  : anglais Mots en anglais issus d’un mot en latin Lemmes en anglais

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informations de l’article du Wiktionnaire en anglais, sous licence CC-BY-SA-3.0 : Appendix:Proto-Indo European /h₁néwn̥ . Julius Pokorny , Indogermanisches Etymologisches Woerterbuch, radical *e-neu̯en Catégories  : indo-européen commun Formes reconstruites Numéraux en indo

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The Tremendous Wiktionary User Group (TWUG) has been officially approved by Wikimedia Foundation on October, 19th . This happy group , open to all, will allow a better promotion of Wiktionary within ecosystem of online collaborative projects, possible obtainment of grants, organization of

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Other presentations to come soon! As every slides free for reuse, you are welcome to set up meeting or presentation close to your place! There is also some slides in English available but none as descriptive as the French ones. Statistics October 20th to November 20th. French entries

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Étymologie [ modifier ] De Goldsmiths' Hall , un des hôtels des corporations dans la Cité de Londres , où les objets d'or et d'argent étaient poinçonnés. Nom commun [ modifier ] Singulier Pluriel hallmark \'hɔːl.mɑːk\ hallmarks \'hɔːl.mɑːks\ hallmark Poinço

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Letters from an American Farmer Here they live by fishing on the most plentiful coasts in the world ; there they fell trees, by the sides of large rivers, for masts and lumber ; Débarras, bric-à-brac . 1711, Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism ... The bookful blockhead ignorantly read

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on Thursday that he would continue to use his language about the Benn Act (formally called the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Act 2019) to stop a no-deal Brexit. —  (Rowena Mason et Frances Perraudin , «  Boris Johnson refuses to apologise for language about Jo Cox  », The Guardian

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