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Indicates the position of the liver. Production [ edit ] This entry needs a photograph to illustrate its production . If you are familiar with American Sign Language (ASL), please upload one ! This one-handed ASL sign is produced as follows: Posture the dominant hand in the “bent

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the plaid was customarily shrugged off before the charge bit home, and the warrior came into contact with only his long, saffron shirt (‘ leine chrochach ’) to

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biology ) Brought close together; arched inward so that the points meet; converging; in close contact . the connivent petals of a flower, wings of an insect, or folds of membrane in the human system, etc. Part or all of this entry has been imported from the 1913 edition of Websters

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hív ( transitive ) to call ( to request, summon, or beckon ) ( transitive ) to call ( to contact by telephone ) Hívom a rendőrséget. ― I'm calling the police. ( transitive ) to call ( to name or refer to ) Hogy hívnak ? ( informal ) ― What's your name? (literally

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From Middle English foul , from Old English fūl ( “ foul, unclean, impure, vile, corrupt, rotten, guilty ” ) , from Proto-Germanic *fūlaz ( “ foul, rotten ” ) , from Proto-Indo-European *puH- ( “ to rot ” ) . Cognate with Dutch vuil ( “ foul ” ) , German faul (

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perfective przeprowadzić ) to lead (guide or conduct with the hand, or by means of some physical contact connection) to implement (carry out, proceed with) to build (construct, put together) Conjugation [ edit ] Conjugation of przeprowadzać   impf     singular plural

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Methods and Debates , Continuum International Publishing Group, page 79: Polycentrism : Continuous contact with individuals belonging to foreign cultures can lead to an acceptance that there are different cultures and different behavioural norms depending on the culture of origin. Related

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if the language—dance, art, etc.—were the vehicle in which the active ingredient—human contact—is suspended and con- tained. Many things that people do together have mainly this function, whether it be playing tennis, going hunting with a friend, or attending a scientific meeting

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Hyphenation: meg‧érint Verb [ edit ] megérint ( transitive ) to touch ( to make physical contact with ) Megérintettem a hajá t . ‎ ― I touched his/her hair. ( transitive ) to touch ( to affect emotionally ) Ez a történet megérinti az embereke t . ‎ ― This

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This word is mainly in use in Japan and South Korea and is rarely or never used by native English speakers. Anagrams [ edit ] kinships Categories : English terms borrowed from Japanese English terms derived from Japanese English twice-borrowed terms English words suffixed with -ship

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