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capitalism oppresses the proletariat , the inevitable result being a proletarian revolution . Marxism views the socialist system as a being prepared by the historical development of capitalism. According to Marxism , Socialism is a historical necessity (but not however, an inevitability

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Statistics of Luxembourg National Division in season 1964 / 1965 . [ edit ] Overview It was performed in 12 teams, and Stade Dudelange won the championship. [ edit ] League standings Pos Club P W D L Pts GF GA 1 Stade Dudelange 22 13 6 3 32 44 28 2 Union Luxembourg

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Libertarian Marxism includes such currents as Luxemburgism , council communism , left communism , Socialisme ou Barbarie , the Johnson-Forest Tendency , World Socialism , Lettrism / Situationism and operaismo / autonomism , and New Left . [ 8 ] Libertarian Marxism has often had a strong

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As the American Marx scholar Hal Draper remarked, "there are few thinkers in modern history whose thought has been so badly misrepresented, by Marxists and anti-Marxists alike." [ edit ] Early influences For more details on this topic, see Influences on Karl Marx . The early influences

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anti-fascist , anti-imperialist , anti-liberal , anti-reactionary , is opposed to revisionism of Marxism , and is opposed to bourgeois democracy . The Marxism -Leninist state utilizes a centrally planned state socialist economy. [ 6 ] It supports public ownership of the economy and supports

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analyze cultural artifacts, the two most influential academic institutions upon Western cultural Marxism have been the Institute for Social Research at the University of Frankfurt am Main in Germany (the Frankfurt School ), and the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University

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The Greek Cup 1964-65 was the 23rd edition of The Greek Football Cup , or Greek Cup for short. The competition culminated with the Greek Cup Final, held at Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium , Piraeus on 14 July 1965. The match was contested by Olympiacos and Panathinaikos , with Olympiacos

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The emergence of orthodox Marxism can be associated with the late works of Friedrich Engels , such as Dialectics of Nature and Socialism: Utopian and Scientific , which were efforts to popularise Marx's work, make it more systematic, and apply it to the fundamental questions of philosophy

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Freudo Marxism seek to use the tools of psychoanalysis to diagnose the ills of society. Just as Freudianism view an individual's ego and super-ego as shaped by his unconscious id, Marxism view a society's culture and institutions as shaped by its underlying economic system. Thus a society

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Another development in the area of political philosophy has been the emergence of a school known as Analytical Marxism . Members of this school seek to apply the techniques of analytic philosophy, along with tools of modern social science such as rational choice theory to the elucidation of